Tips for decorating a small bathroom

Tips for decorating a small bathroom

When you find your dream house with a beautiful terrace and garden, it turns out that the dream house has a few drawbacks, such as a small bathroom and no window. This will definitely make you confused, where bathing activities will feel tedious, especially if remodeling costs a lot of money. Well, before you get grumpy, actually we just need creativity to decorate and change the bathroom to be beautiful and super comfortable. Pay attention to the tips below.

Install Some Mirrors With Unique Shapes

The first step, you can outsmart a narrow and boring bathroom by installing a mirror trick. Again, do not choose a mirror with a regular shape, but choose a mirror with a unique shape. In one area of ​​the wall hang several mirrors, three or four mirrors of different shapes. This trick will make the atmosphere of a small bathroom more lively and artsy.

Beautify By Putting Plants

The right plants will make a room fantastic, and a bathroom that looks boring is no exception. The green atmosphere will provide a calming atmosphere in the bathroom, as well as liven up the ambience with a touch of nature. But don’t forget to take out the plant pot once a week, put it in an area that gets sunlight so the plants don’t wither.

Liven up the atmosphere with beautiful lighting

We can make over the narrow bathroom area by installing beautiful lighting. Our advice is to install lights on the wall area, it can be near the sink or in another corner of the bathroom. In addition to adding lighting, the unique shape of the lamp makes the bathroom feel luxurious.

Replace the Cabinet By Placing Simple Furniture

Don’t worry if you can’t place a cabinet in the bathroom, because the space is limited. Instead, put small furniture that was unexpected before, such as a small chair, a small wooden table, or other unusual accessories. By placing one or two pieces of furniture with low legs, it will make the room appear larger. This furniture is also useful for putting your towels, shampoo or mask.

Choose white for a narrow bathroom

White color is highly recommended to be applied to a small bathroom without windows. This color provides good lighting and makes the bathroom look spacious. White for the walls and ceiling of the bathroom, and choose the same color decoration for the interior. To make it even cleaner, on the floor choose shiny tiles so that the room is brighter.

Choose Wallpaper With Bright Patterns and Colors

Another trick is to put a wallpaper. You don’t need to cover all walls with wallpaper, but select some areas to beautify with wallpaper. Oh yes, don’t choose dark wallpaper, because it will make the bathroom dreary, but instead choose wallpaper with bright colors. Then combine it with soft wall paint, so that the atmosphere is more dim. Believe it or not, if the walls look eye catching, we will forget that the bathroom does not have a window

Install the Barrier With Transparent Glass

To limit the shower area with a dry area, we do not need to install a solid wall. Choose clear glass as a barrier to rinse the body, which will make the bathroom look wider, and reflect bright lighting.