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When widespread storm damage occurs, it can lead to many homeowners needing hail damage roof repair.  This can mean longer than normal wait times for both insurance adjusters and roofing companies.  Because of this, there is an uptick in the number of roofing contractors that are utilizing drone technology to evaluate if roofing services are needed.

The Benefits Of Drone Technology For Storm Damage Repair Inspections

A Drone Can Speed Up A Roof Replacement Estimate

It is time-consuming for a roofing company to walk the entire surface of a roof and document all the storm damage repair that is needed.  Because of the speed and efficiency at which they operate, it’s not uncommon for a drone pilot to fly over 10-20 houses per day.  However, a person performing a manual hail damage roof repair inspection can typically only perform three or four in a day.


Using A Drone Is Safer Than Climbing On A Roof

Roofs with a steep pitch can be dangerous for roofing companies to climb on.  A drone can assess all areas of a roof without putting anyone’s safety at risk.  In addition, the use of a drone can prevent roof shingles from scuffing from foot traffic.  Drones also prevent damage that can happen to gutter systems when a ladder rests against it.

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Artificial Intelligence Helps Drones Identify Roof Damage Repair

The software used by drones conducting roof inspections can determine if roof shingles are hail damaged or cracked.  Because of how thorough drone replacement inspections are, they often point out problem areas that are missed by a manual inspection.  This roofing services a roadmap for completing all necessary storm damage repair.

We Can Help With Roofing Insurance Claims For Storm Damage

Since 1979, Lindus Construction has been working with homeowners in Western Wisconsin and the Greater Minneapolis/St. Paul area to ensure that their storm damage repair projects are handled correctly.  The below infographic gives more information on we utilize the latest drone technology to evaluate the condition of roof shingles.  Contact us for a complimentary roof replacement estimate.

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