Why Choose Lindus for Your Metal Roof Installation

Why Choose Lindus for Your Metal Roof Installation

Lindus Construction Has A Long History Of Success

Since 1979, Lindus Construction has been assisting homeowners in Western Wisconsin, Minneapolis, St. Paul, and beyond with interior and exterior projects.  With over 150 employees, we are deeply committed to proving excellent customer service and products guaranteed to last a lifetime.  Our corporate headquarters continue to remain in the hometown of the family that founded us over 40 years ago.  From day one, we have offered a lifetime workmanship guarantee stipulating that if any of our installations fail due to subpar workmanship, the replacement is covered at no cost to the homeowner.  This continues to be the reason why our organization receives national awards and excellent customer reviews.

Homeowners can rest assured that whether they choose to partner with us for roof installation, gutter replacement, and more, their house will be treated with the utmost care by both the second and third generations of the Lindus family, who handle the organization’s day-to-day operations.

Advantages Of Residential Metal Roofing

There are many reasons why homeowners in our area opt for residential metal roofing including the material’s durability, particularly during the harsh winters and the sweltering summers that are a regular occurrence in the Twin Cities.  Because of the thick protection it provides to homes, many insurance companies offer discounts for their installation.  This is because it is very difficult for metal to be damaged by hail, wind, snow, and ice dams.

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The Environmental Impacts

For homeowners that are environmentally conscious, it is reassuring to know that metal roofing for residential installations can often have a lifespan of 50 years.  In addition, a metal roof replacement is often coated with treatments that ward off the formation of algae, moss, and fungus.  This prevents the future need for the use of chemical sprays that can be damaging to the environment.


Replacement Colors

Residential and commercial metal roofing is offered in a variety of attractive colors.  Lighter metal colors can make a home appear taller than it is.  In addition, a lighter colored metal roof can be beneficial for keeping a home cooler during the summer months.  A darker color can overwhelm the other architectural features of a home.  However, if insulation and ventilation best practices are utilized to ensure the proper levels of each are implemented, there is not a concern of a roof’s contributing to an overly hot home.

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Request Your Metal Roof Estimate

We take a personalized approach to every residential metal roofing project.  Each roof estimate begins with a visit to your home by one of our experts to evaluate the condition of your current roof installation.  Our approach is to educate homeowners in and around the Twin Cities area and provide a metal roof estimate that clearly communicates the differences between metal roofing facts and misconceptions.

In addition to taking measurements and verifying the quality of your home insulation, we provide an up-close look at the materials and colors we provide.  Contact us for your complimentary estimate today.