More often than not, sliding doors are a reliable patio door replacement choice for a variety of home improvements that wish to take the eye further than the living space. Sliding to the side for effortless access between home and garden, natural light intake and cooling ventilation are maximised as well as kerb appeal.

So, you like the sound of sliding patio door replacements, but can’t decide whether uPVC or aluminium patio doors are right for your project…? Well, you’re not alone! Let’s explore the benefits of these popular patio door materials together.

What is the best material to use for patio doors, uPVC or aluminium?

White uPVC sliding patio door

uPVC and aluminium patio doors have quite a few things in common, most notably; they never need to be repainted and are both highly resistant to corrosion and rot. Largely a matter of personal taste, the following differences will help you determine the most suitable patio door material for your project.

All of our patio doors are uniquely designed, which is why our sliding doors can be installed with a number of glass panes to fit your room’s size. Our uPVC sliding patio doors can be fitted as a 2, 3 or 4 pane door, ideal for space saving arrangements tailored to terraced and semi-detached houses, flats, and balconies. Whereas our aluminium patio doors can be designed with up to 6 panes, perfect for creating striking focal points and contemporary ‘walls of glass.’

When it comes to efficiency, thanks to their multi-chambered design, uPVC sliding doors offer the best performance. Although, if your patio door replacement project requires the slimmest frames combined with dependable draught-proofing qualities, our aluminium sliding doors from Origin aren’t far behind, featuring multi-layered, insulating frames complete with innovative thermal break barriers designed to prevent heat from escaping.

When it comes to unique designs and expansive configurations, aluminium is much more flexible than uPVC. Manufactured around 30% bigger than uPVC patio doors, aluminium can accommodate complex shapes and designs with ease. So, if you’re looking for a simple and compact patio door replacement, uPVC is probably your best option, with larger, wider projects more suited to slender aluminium patio doors.

Wide span aluminium sliding patio doors

Unlike traditional timber and standard uPVC, aluminium actively resists swelling, cracking, splitting and warping no matter what the weather throws at it! Providing excellent stability come what may, its unceasing strength is the key to its long-lasting durability; able to last at least 30 years, maintenance free. That said, our uPVC patio doors feature steel reinforcement and a 6-point locking system as standard.

Compare our patio door materials

uPVC vs aluminium patio doors

/ uPVC patio doors Aluminium patio doors
Colours 150+ RAL colours and a range of woodgrain effects. Dual colour designs are also available. 150+ RAL colours and a range of woodgrain effects. Dual colour designs are also available.
Glazing Options Toughened double glazing. Toughened double glazing.
Energy Efficiency It uses a pioneering multi-chambered design to effectively retain the warmth inside. Can achieve 0.9W/m2K U-values and A++ energy ratings. A natural insulator, aluminium features a multi-layered frame with insulated cavities. Can achieve U-values of 1.32w/m2K.
Security Multi-point locks and anti-pick, bump and drill cylinders are fitted as standard to pass PAS24 standards. Their design exceeds building security regulations and can include optional security extras. 8-point locks are fitted as standard, as is toughened glass which is 5x stronger than normal glass to pass PAS 24 testing. Additional security features can be included.
Life expectancy At least 20 years, maintenance free. The anti-fade coating keeps it looking good as new. At least 30 years, maintenance free. Corrosion-resistant, it won’t rot, rust or warp.
Suitability Versatile and modern uPVC is sturdy, secure and the most cost-effective option. A premium door material that boasts unique slimline frames.

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Modern sliding patio doors

Best value uPVC and aluminium patio doors in Essex, Suffolk, Hertfordshire & Surrey

Versatile and modernising, whether you prefer practical uPVC or premium aluminium patio doors, our range of quality home improvements is sure to add value and improve thermal insulation where it’s needed most. From budget-friendly uPVC sliding doors to modern aluminium bifold doors and sleek aluminium French doors, we can accommodate your needs whilst exceeding all expectations.

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Which is better uPVC or aluminium patio doors?
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