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When Is It Too Cold For Outdoor Home Improvement Projects?

Many Twin Cities & Western WI homeowners ask what temperatures prevent exterior projects.  There are many factors that play into the answer.  Here’s what you need to know!

Winter Roof Replacement

The installation of ordinary shingles should take place at temperatures above 40 degrees. Roofers using GAF Glenwood® and Timberline® AS II Shingles have more flexibility. This type of roof replacement can happen in temperatures as low as 15 degrees.  That’s because the roof installation uses shingles that are thicker than builder grade.

Placing tents over the pallets the roof shingles sit on can also keep them at the ideal temperature. Hand sealing ensures the GAF roofing system lays flat in cold temperatures.  Many roofing companies revisit winter jobsites in the spring to clean-up the jobsite.  This often involves picking up nails and shingles that became hidden in snowbanks.

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Winter House Siding Projects

Vinyl siding installation at too cold of temperature leads to buckling and cracking.

The installation of LP® SmartSide® can happen at subzero temperatures.  This siding doesn’t have issues with boards pulling apart during cold temperatures. At times, siding contractors must come back in warmer temperatures to finish caulking.

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LP® SmartSide® ExpertFinish® Trim & Siding

Winter Gutter Installations

Even in the Twin Cities and Western Wisconsin, gutter replacement can happen year-round.  In some instances, ice dam removal must occur before the gutter installation.  It’s important to know that house gutters will not make ice dams better or worse.

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