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Residing forever (immortality) has been sought after by humans throughout the ages. It has been that elusive aim that people have been searching for to achieve via magic potions and in search of for the supposed “fountain of youth.” Up to now though immortality has eluded us humans. However, perhaps, in the future, people may discover the secrets to immortality. In fact, I am not counting on magic potions and fountains of youth. However, science may make progress in understanding better the biological processes of getting older. As a consequence, humans may uncover ways to decelerate the ageing process or maybe even replenish dead cells repeatedly and hold humans dwelling eternally.

Whereas all of this may seem like science fiction, advances in science appears to counsel that each one of this could be possible. I remember studying about scientists bringing back lifeless cells to life, I consider it was revealed in Nature (the journal) a few years back. If I bear in mind accurately, the scientists then had demonstrated how a clinically useless cell can reconstitute its genome and return to life. So, I guess it is not past science to discover methods to arrest the method of ageing. Nevertheless, the question I hold asking myself is whether or not folks (if given the choice) would select to be immortals or select to dwell and die as we do now?

Mortal or Immortal – Which Is Better?

There are obviously execs and cons to both these choices. Talking for myself, one of the reasons I’d wish to be an immortal is to see the advances that the human society makes. I typically surprise about how the world would look like in a 100 years or so and there’s no strategy to find that out, except if I might stay that lengthy to see it for myself. There are such a lot of issues which can be thought of to be science fiction materials now – it would be attention-grabbing and interesting to learn how many of these sci-fi ideas actually materialize. Would humans be capable to fold area and journey by way of time using wormholes? So many interesting potentialities out there in the future – it would be enjoyable to learn how a lot of those potentialities came to fruition. Another reason you might want to be an immortal is for those who were any person like Einstein, I guess. One can only imagine how far more he might have contributed to furthering our understanding of the universe and developing new technologies – if he had lived longer.

On the flip aspect, one would have to factor in the psychological a part of immortality when one chooses bodily immortality. Yes, your body is immortal – but can your thoughts be immortal? Would an immortal have the ability to deal with the collected memories by the centuries? Might it be mentally too exhausting and will or not it’s possible to stay sane and rational? Of course, the impact on human society could be another con. If most humans choose to be immortals, the Earth would clearly be not capable of sustain them and their needs.

I assume there are extra cons than professionals to being an immortal. Personally, if given the choice, I would choose to be an immortal – if and only if I’ve the choice to reverse the choice and return to being a mortal. If it is a one-means avenue and there’s no possibility to go back to being a mortal, I would fairly select to be a mortal and dwell life the way its alleged to be.

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Good work together with your article

Swati Bhat from India on Could 09, 2017:

Me too. Agree along with your thought process. BTW good article

Kelly on December 07, 2016:

I might say no to residing endlessly as a result of you are going to be stuck in the identical place like ” rocks caught together with a river, ” so if someone died you may start to envy them and feel dangerous for yourselves which result in anger issues and other issues. Additionally there could be no provides left if all of us drank the water and survived for nevertheless many years.

JC on April 27, 2012:

Watch the “Bounts” arc on the anime Bleach. The writers offer a really interesting perspective on immortality, truly, fairly just like BeiYin’s. It’s been some time since I’ve seen it but one thing alongside the lines of “…all ties, goals, aspirations, and many others, are all primarily based on the fact that we’re mortal and that we wish to do as a lot as we can before we die. If we lose loss of life then what’s there to attempt for? Now we have nothing however time. It is almost incomprehensible for us to think of dwelling endlessly as a result of loss of life is what allows us to cherish what’s pricey to us while we have it.” I really like philosophical topics like this.

Ridzy on December 11, 2011:

What is the point of residing perpetually if you are going to get certain you could possibly go to many places however you’ll get very bored after a while.I would recommend the book Tuck is a great e-book about when you ought to keep alive eternally or not.

the dark side of issues on October 09, 2011:

ah,immortality,a wonderous achievment which seems so unimaginable obtain.however,as i see it,immortality isn’t a present,extra in order a curse,for one,to attain immortality,it appears one would most definitely must go to great lengths,and possibly do the unthinkable,or having achieve it you’d discover out you will have a curse to go together with it,such because the legendary version of a vampire,they’re cursed to drink the blood of the living to outlive.i say it is a curse even without anything bad added on,for one must suffer via the deaths of their beloved ones,and behold every click here to find out more mistake of would have to sustain with finanncial problems for fairly a while,or not less than stay hidden.there are various different reason as properly,however i cannot go via all of them,nevertheless i’ll end with a truly horrific one.a very good reason immortality is a curse is that one would have to live eternally,that means you would have to undergo via armageddon,and presumably many endings,if existance time truly is a wheel,each time that wheel reaches it is end,you’re there,suffering ceaselessly.

Nameless on February 28, 2011:

It seems to me that individuals are much more afraid of boredom than loss of life or life. Death, being an eternity of nothing, is boring. Countless life gives you the opportunity to do the whole lot and run out of issues to do. Immortality might get boring after you’ve gotten been all over the place and completed every little thing however my opinion is that you’ve got a greater likelihood of developing with something new when you find yourself alive, not when you find yourself dead.

Deep Thought on January eleven, 2011:

Life is not meant to be eternal. We are meant to die. After a couple hundred years, would we want life? Eventually, we would search to expertise the mystery of demise, and life can be an infinite chain of occasions that, in an immortal’s opinion, most likely wouldn’t matter. As an alternative, I’d a lot moderately reside a protracted, significant life and naturally die somewhat than dwell an infinite life with no which means. To be immortal is a horrible curse, and to live an excellent life is a wonderful gift.

Nomad on December 09, 2010:

I’ve to agree with all of the “Mortals” who have posted here. I ask the others, how many years wouldn’t it take earlier than this life, this planet becomes a jail? Even if one had enough sources to dwell and do as one willed; how lengthy earlier than you may have been everywhere and finished every thing, 500, 1,000, 1,500 years?

“There may be nothing new under the sun”

thivi on November 03, 2010:

I would like to be mortal. the dying leads us to be fearful in our life, by which we lead our life peacefully. if there isn’t any demise then there won’t be any fear, each one will reside his own. there is not going to be any moral values. I reside my life you reside ur life will be our idea of dwelling. no love no happy totally the hell life. So i do not need that life. let me die, when God wants me to die.

jennifer on October 21, 2010:

Inmortality is a punishment,therfore you should not crave inmortality. It is rather exhausting to dwell with,it’s worse than any physical punishment.

Shil1978 (writer) on July 12, 2010:

Thank you GP for stopping by and commenting. Yes, I agree – high quality is extra important than amount. If quality just isn’t assured, dwelling longer could be a burden.

Goodpal on July eleven, 2010:

I think the quality of dwelling is extra vital than longevity of dwelling. Ten years of living, effervescent with energy and stuffed with achievements, is far superior to thousand years of residing fighting health and leading a purposeless life.

Thanks for the thought provoking hub.

Shil1978 (author) on Might 31, 2010:

Thanks, Al, pricey friend, for stopping by this hub. I like your attitude towards immortality. I agree!! Nature did make us mortals for a reason, however man won’t ever stop to seek out ways to alter the best way nature has made issues. So, the search for immortality would go on.

Personally, I would agree with you. Bodily existence is one thing, but should you believe in us being more than physical beings, then in fact we’ll proceed to reside on endlessly.

I consider in this and so, for me, immortality is attractive only by way of future gazing and figuring out what grew to become of us people and what technologies we developed, or whether or not we in actual fact self-destructed.

Aside from that, there may be actually no physical cause to be immortal, for me. I might suppose I would get bored to death, ironic as it could sound, residing on as an immortal!!

Thanks again dearest Al for visiting this hub and enriching it along with your useful insights!!

Mystique1957 from Caracas-Venezuela on Could 31, 2010:


Well, my dearest Shil… There was a time after I craved for it, as I moved ahead in life and acquired closer to my spiritual aspect, I noticed that for a very good motive, we weren´t made bodily immortal. We be taught, advance and evolve as a result of the universe is constant change. Being immortal would deny us the chance of experimenting from totally different viewpoints, gender and life lessons. So, immortality? What for? Our true essence has and can all the time be immortal…

Nice hub…Rated up, beautiful and awesome!

Warmest regards and infinite heavenly blessings,


Shil1978 (creator) on March 15, 2010:

BeiYin, thanks for a very interesting perspective, fairly refreshing and unique to me for certain.

I get what you are trying to say here, and it is an fascinating method of trying at the query.

Thank you on your very valuable insights!!

BeiYin from Ibiza Spain on March 15, 2010:

You talked about Einstein. He stated: “We cannot remedy issues with the identical thoughts that has created them!”

What signifies that with our way of thinking we cannot grasp what ‘immortality’ is and we will not see and perceive, that ‘mortality’ is an phantasm and a part of our limited awareness capacity. In our state of evolution we can’t notice the truth that we are caught in an illusion and that we are living in a fake reality, as a result of we’re beneath the dominating energy of our personalities that have created and are holding on the established body of concepts that also constructed up our society, that alternatively holds us tied inside this body, giving us security and a certain sense, regardless that it is fake and an illusion. Okay, there is additionally the inbuilt growing power that can deliver us out of the step of stuck evolution as ‘personalities’, these are certainly mortal and only can have ideas, concepts, beliefs, goals and fantasies about all what goes beyond the established boring and limited circumstances. However any doubt and question arising about our existence is likely to be a step to transcend…

Thank you in your thought scary query.

on July 21, 2009:

If a one man can reside normally to 50, and one other to one hundred, who’s to say residing to one thousand wouldn’t be just as straightforward. Time is as quantitative as space, we will live effective with more room, living with more time then ought to be no massive dilema.

I believe true immortality is just not doubtless, but residing just a few million years would rock my socks off.

Shil1978 (writer) on Might 20, 2009:

Glad you appreciated it Amy and thanks on your comments. Sure, I agree – wanting to reside endlessly is egocentric. If everyone wished to dwell forever, there’d be no future for our children and grandchildren.

Amy M from Manzano Mountains on Could 20, 2009:

If we all lived eternally we will surely burn up all of the assets faster. The meals provides could be restricted. I can be completely happy to provide it up when the time comes and go away something for my grandchildren and hopefully, their kids. Nice hub. It offers us one thing to ponder.

Feline Prophet on April 12, 2009:

And perhaps the whole concept of cash and making a dwelling would possibly change in time? 🙂

Shil1978 (author) on April 12, 2009:

The monetary facet is interesting – hadn’t thought about that one. However, the psychological aspect of it will be more challenging in my view.

Feline Prophet on April 12, 2009:

Immortality is a daunting prospect, especially if you don’t have the bodily and financial sources to see you thru eternity!

Professionals And Cons Of Residing Forever?