Contemporary Haiga

Rosy Dawn haiga by Gary LeBel

"Rosy Dawn" by Gary LeBel

Welcome to Reeds: Contemporary Haiga, an online anthology of fine art inspired by the Japanese genre known as haiga or haiku painting. Here you will find the best of haiga, articles, and interviews from past years of our companion annual hardcopy anthology as well as new work by leading haiga artists. It is our sincere wish that you return to these pages many times for both entertainment and inspiration  from a form that is attracting new interest among contemporary poet-painters world wide.


The Sand in the Corners of Her Smile:  Creative Uses of Photography and Typography in Contemporary Haiga"An Interview with Gary LeBel

"The Turning Point"—A Haiga Exhibition by Raffael
de Gruttola and Peggy McClure

 "Starlit Mountain: How White Space and Imagination Work in Haiga"—An Interview with Jeanne Emrich

 "The Touch of Hand and Brush"—An Interview with Stephen Addiss

"Still Surprising"—Haiga by Stephen Addiss

"Every Time"—Haiga by Susan Frame with Jeanne Emrich,
Michael McClintock, Pamela Miller Ness, and Andrew Riutta

"The Art of Sumi-e Painting"—An Interview with Susan Frame

"Hide and Seek"—Haiga by Gary LeBel

"Unfathomable Mysteries—An Interview with Gary Lebel

"Echoes in Sand"—A Haiga Portfolio by Raffael de Gruttola
and Wilfred Croteau

"An American Haiga Experience" by Raffael de Gruttola

"Hop-stepping on Stones: Haiga Today"—An Interview
with Jeanne Emrich by Stephen Addiss

"Haiga and the Art of Digital Rendering"—An Interview
with Kuniharu Shimizu by Jeanne Emrich

"When the Rosellas Fly"—Haiga by Kuniharu Shimizu with

"The Spirit of Haiga"—An Interview with Ion Codrescu
by Jeanne Emrich

"After a White Cloud"—Haiga by Ion Codrescu

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A Brief History of Haiga

"Two Deer" by Nakajima Kahō (1866-1925)

Color and Seals in Traditional and Modern Haiga

Yomeiride: Haiga as Diary

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